History (1992-2003)

My first game, featuring cutting edge (at the time) 256-colour graphics
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screenshot1993IonCreation Level editor
Lets you construct the IonCreation levels. Features included mouse input.
A complete multimedia authoring system that was used in the construction of several educational titles including the multi-award winning Biologica.
screenshot1996Tutor Maker
An interactive tutorial and examination system.
screenshot1997Virtual Resume
A fully interactive resume on a CD. Features included the ability to print a paper resume, a built in email client to email me about any jobs, as well as music and sound effects. Unfortunately in 1997 not a single recruitment agency had a CD-ROM drive!
screenshot1998-2000Accounting Software
Including time billing and job costing systems.
screenshot2001Tourism Booking System
A complete booking and reservation system for businesses of all sizes. Speed and a superior user interface allow the operator to be quick and agile to ensure the customer is not waiting. Sophisticated reporting system included.
screenshot2002TALOD: Vertex Reduction
This was a university project to develop a fast and efficient method of providing on demand detail in a scene. For example, the polygon budget could be set by the programmer and the scene could adjust to meet it. Check the Flipcode Image of the Day for more details
screenshot2003FEVER: Framework for Experimental Visualisation in Education and Research
FEVER is a large framework for the development of experiments in visualisation, while also being used to teach graphics concepts. Think MatLab for realtime graphics. It is a component based architecture, with support for both C/C++ and Lua. Components within the system include OpenSceneGraph, Cg, OpenProducer, GUI, and a visualisation technique toolbox. Some slides discussing it are available.