I am a PhD student with the Visual and Media Computing group at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.

"a.k.a. Tali Streit a.k.a. Alex Streit" (whats in a name anyway?)

In Switzerland there used to be restrictions on what first name you can give your children. My parents wanted to call me Taliesin, which was not permitted. So, I was born Alexander Talesin. Later, a name change was made to rename me to Taliesin Alexander. Unfortunately, my Australian passport was issued based on my birth certificate. So in Australia I am Alexander and in Switzerland I am Taliesin. To make matters worse, if you were paying close attention you probably noticed that my name was misspelt when I was born. This causes a lot of confusion for Australian banks and government agencies. My favourite part about this is how diligently people will follow what their screen tells them. If a computer tells you that I don't exist, then who am I to argue? So far (touch wood) they haven't deported me.


My research topic is Adaptive Visualization Techniques for Uncertain Information and Relationships. The idea is that there are many sources of uncertainty in data and we should not discard these when we visualize them. A list of my publications are available.


There are a few projects that I work on... usually to scratch that programming itch. These include:

- A desktop todo list creator. If need is the mother of invention, I needed this tool to put a todo list on my desktop wallpaper... Before I had this tool, I used to use a graphics program to write text onto a picture and then set that as my background. This tool does the same thing, except it does it for you.

- A competitive programming game called SoKoBan. The game consists of a face off between two rival teams of robots as they race to push boxes onto goal squares. Who can write the best robot? The (Java) source code is provided, plus there is a tutorial description of an A* algorithm (for finding the shortest path between two points).

- Older projects can be found on the history page. There you can also download a game written in 1992.

My email address is not published on this website to avoid spam. It is in my publications.

an old picture of me