Sokoban is a logic game where an avatar has to push boxes onto goal squares. In the original game the objective was to do so in the minimum number of moves. QUT SoKoBan is different- boxes are still pushed onto goals, but two opposing teams of robots compete. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to program your robot team so that they win.

At 4pm on Friday the 24th of September, 2004, research staff and students met at CITI to discuss a programming competition idea. The consensus was to develop algorithms for robots competing in a game of sokoban.


The source code and documentation is Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Streit and Contributors

You are free to do what you wish with the source code, executables, and documentation. Normal legal limitations apply ("You accept the software AS IS and won't sue us"), but otherwise it is yours to play with. You are encouraged to start your own competition or use it to teach game AI. If you fix any bugs and are willing to have the fixes released under the same licence, please email them to me!

Download the latest binaries, source, and documentation to the system (currently alpha3).

Check out how to write an A* algorithm Robot here. This describes how it the A* works and talks about the source code. A good way to get started maybe?

screenshot (1.9 Mb)

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