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Critmas 2020 December 25, 2020

2020 was the year that we all learned to play D&D over the Internet. Here is a sketch of my awesome players.

IonCreation January 01, 1992

A platformer game written using Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 for MS-DOS. Play it in your browser!

Sacking and Rebuilding Phandalin

Phandalin is a common setting for 5E. The Lost Mine of Phandelver module is included in the D&D starter set and centers on Phandalin. Many campaigns start there and then continue on after. It's likely that the party will return to Phandalin at least once.

In my "LMoP+" variation of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the town of Phandalin is sieged and sacked by the Orc tribes. The players get a sense that the world is alive and dangerous. Your game might benefit from this and so you are welcome to use these maps in your campaigns.

Phandalin as it is presented in the LMoP module

Phandalin as in the LMoP Module This is a small village built on the ruins of old Phandalin. The ruined manor still stands upon the hill overlooking the village and surrounds. You can see the remnants of the old wall and several buildings that have not been rebuilt yet.

The Sacking of Phandalin: A Village Burned

The Sacking of Phandalin The party returns to find that most of the village has been burned to the ground! The surviving inhabitants have retreated to a hastily fortified center. Carts filled with spikes and oil barrels make hasty defensive gates. The Lord's Alliance have sent a small force that now camp in the city square. These soldiers are usually seen building out more of the defensive wall and structures during the day.

The Rebuilding: Incrementally Winning Back Territory

Rebuilding Some of Phandalin Rebuilding More of Phandalin It is a strategic imperative that we recapture the Manor and use it as a look out. Here are two phases as the walls and defensive structures are extended toward the Manor. There are also some additional tents, either reinfocements have arrived or people have been able to spread out.

Perimeter Restored: Phandalin is Back, Baby!

Perimieter Restored in Phandalin Perimeter has been restored! It's a makeshift defensive wall, but the sloped terrain provides significant benefit and Alderleaf farm can start operating again. Tents remain and the training area in the North is still around.

Manor Restored: We're Winnig Now!

Manor Restored in Phandalin Tents aren't needed, we've reclaimed the Manor and rebuilt it enough to house people. It can now act as a defensive position from which to restore the town proper.

Prosperity: Bigger and Better than Ever

Walls have been properly rebuilt: Walls Rebuilt in Phandalin

Gates have been built and now livestock are being raised again: Gates and Livestock in Phandalin

Phandalin is now starting to flourish, with a pond and a stage for performances: Phandalin Starts to Flourish


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