Picture of Alex

What's in a name?

Picture of Alex

In Switzerland there used to be restrictions on what first name you can give your children.

My parents wanted to call me Taliesin, which was not allowed. So, I was born Alexander Talesin. Later, a name change was made to rename me to Taliesin Alexander. The Australian authorities know me based on my birth certificate. So in Australia I am Alexander and in Switzerland I am Taliesin.

Just to make it more interesting, if you pay close attention you'll notice that my name was misspelled when I was born. This caused a lot of confusion for several banks and government agencies. My favorite part about this is how diligently people will follow what their screen tells them. If a computer tells you that I don’t exist, then who am I to argue?

So far, I’ve been allowed to continue not-existing.


This is my home page, I hope you enjoy your visit and have a great day!


Here are projects to do with writing code. Things I've created or am working on.


I enjoy writing fiction and maybe you’ll enjoy reading it too. My preferred style is using short sentences. I like multilayered stories with complex grand political backdrops. Mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy.


I enjoy making computer games. More recently I’ve learned about table top role playing games. I generate various content, which you are free to use in your own campaigns.


Sometimes I write research papers and publish the results. This page has the papers for download along with a citation text for convenience. I’ve mostly looked at Visualizing Uncertainty but other topics as well.

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