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TALOD Vertex Reduction November 21, 2002

What if we could dynamically change the level of detail for 3D objects? A Hardware-optimized dynamic LOD method.

IonCreation January 01, 1992

A platformer game written using Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 for MS-DOS. Download and play it using DOSBox!

Years 1995-2001

The trouble with going this far back in history when you have a transient life is that source code gets lost.

1995: Biologica

image Complete Multimedia authoring system that was used to make several educational titles, including the award winning Biologica.

1996: Tutor Maker

image An interactive tutorial and examination system, allowing teachers to create electronic quizzes and exams for their students

1997: Virtual Resume

image A fully interactive multimedia resume, complete with music and sound effects. It could print out a copy of my regular resume. It even had a built in email client allowing people to send me email using SMTP.

1998-2000: Enterprise Software

image For a while I wrote various modules for the ACCPAC ERP system. Time billing, job costing, ledger backup and diagnostic tools.

2001: Tourism Booking system

image A blazingly fast and feature rich reservation system. The objective was to be easy to use and fast. It included a sophisticated report generation system, which offered powerful queries to produce HTML and PDF output.

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